DO Successful People Procrastinate?

How many times have heard ,”stop procrastinating , let get this done !” . I’ve heard that so many times it plays in my ear like a broken record.

The truth is you can never get away from procrastination, it always going to be there no matter how much you run from it , no matter how

much you block it , its always there . We tend to procrastinate on important things , like you know the thing that are going to make us money .

We sit back and wonder why the heck can’t I be more than what I am now . Whats the real secret to becoming a success.Successful people

procrastinate on things that have little or no value to them . Like for instance you might be a season ticket holder for your favorite basketball

team , or might like to golf unless your kobe bryant or arnold palmer thats their profession . Thats how they make a living , how is that

any value to you . If your a ceo and you have some japenese investment firm is thinking about investing 200 million dollars into your

company . You didn’t take the time to look over the documents and other important materials to get you up to speed . You went golfing with

your buddy and you forgot all about the big meeting . Now your cramming it all in , like a high school senior cramming for his end of the year

midterm . He totally procrastinated on things that meant nothing to his success.

If you focus on the first thing first and your second thing last, you will have more time to focus on the first things first . Things such as hobbies

those are your second things last , anything that is going to enhance your career in some way are your first things first. Successful people put

hobbies on hold , they finish things that are more beneficial to them becoming more successful. If you career is a doctor , your only going

to know the basics in school they are not going to walk you to class every morning , they will not hold your hand , but they will show you just

what you need to know. Just because you graduated medical school does not make you a doctor , what makes you a doctor is experience that

you have aquired during your residency .If you have made it though medical school , you probably did not procrastinate on your studies you

got through them . If you have made it as far residency you knew that if you just played video games , or completely lost focus you would have

gotten failing grade and that means no residency for you .In network marketing , you get things done you completely focus on thing s that

are going to help you in long run.If you brought all kinds of books on network marketing , and you using them like a paper weight and they

just collect dust .Now if you take the time and read those books , thats called studying your profession. If you turn off the telvision, no email,

no blackberry , no computer . No face book myspace or social media , you will things done faster if you remain focused .

A Ground Floor Business Opportunity??

OK I’m sure you have heard of every company being ground floor . You heard of all the success stories , and seen all the great things that

a company has . Now are the reasons why people join these companies ? They see an add on t.v , news paper , or word of mouth , probably

seen or know someone that has made a chunk of change in this company . We all want a better life we want to live as though we have no

worries . We see that people have made all of this money in this company and now we have our hands out to grab those fat checks just like

the other people you saw .

When you are joining these companies just because you seen how much someone else made and you want in . They told you they made

60,000 last month and now you want to join. if you get into these companies not knowing what lies ahead of you then you need to take

the time and re-evaluate before joining . Everyone wants to be a top earner in a company , a lot of us do not understand that it does take

time . Lets say that your friend joined this company and they are making some real money .You seen the paychecks and now you just

say I want in ! Now do you know that this particular product or company is right for you ? How do you know that this is for you ?

Let’s say that you get in this business and you find out that you really bit off more than you could chew , you did not see the same

results as your friend so you got mad and quit ! Lets talk about timing , that’s important when your considering joining an mlm

if that business started 5 years ago and your just getting in , everybody is trying to get that brand new BMW . Now you say well

how did they get to the top so quick ? I want that new BMW , I want those six figures a month ! I want to be featured in the company’s

magazine ! I want that red carpet treatment ! You see all the top earners living it up , with their company cars , big checks , and

some have snobby attitudes. You notice that people only want to socialize with you when you are a “Top , Dawg “! If you are

low on the totam pole and nobody knows your name than who cares !

Now they tell you all the sad rag to riches stories with hopes of persuading you to join and how easy it was for them to make money

now you can do the same . You go out and duplicated what they do and you still fail ! Now you can go out and do 20 home parties

a day and there is still that risk of not getting sales and not getting business partners . You hand out fliers , talk to everybody ,

set up adds in cheap papers , cold call , family, friends,and total strangers . You still are not where you want to be and you get upset,

you go to your up line and they tell you to work harder. You do all this stuff for what , to go broke and go back to work ?

Now here is the thing , timing when did your friend get into this company ? Who long has this company been around ? You see

when you join these companies that have been here for 5 years and even 2 years its so hard to on the top . When a company

is fresh with a product that has a high demand , you know that the product is good as gold , if its a new company then you

have a chance to be on top faster . Why ? Its new , there is not to many that know about it and you have a greater advantage .

Everything these days are ground floor business opportunities , but remember nothing is guaranteed . Its up to you how you

want to succeed .

Here are some tips to choose the best home based business’s

1.Find out a little about the company before joining , see how many people are actually in the company prior to joining.

The lower the numbers the greater the chances .

2. Make sure that its a product or service that is in demand ex.if your in the nutrition and wellness industry find out why

your product is different from the rest , there are thousands of nutrition and wellness products out there .

3. Just because a company is not registered with the BBB does not mean that its a scam . The BBB is just a membership that

a company pays for , that means they pay to have information on its site for better consumer research.

4. Make sure that when you join do not join because of the success of others make sure that its something that’s a fit for you

A,B,C Who Works With Me !

I know that everyone should know their abc’s , but in business this could be as simple or as hard as you make it to be . Most of us spend

more time on people who are not going to buy from us or join our business , then identifying the ones that we actually want to work

with . We are focused on selling , than we are looking for business partners . We are looking for that right now now money , not focusing

on the benefits of residual income we want our money now , and right now !

What if that right now money turned into , sometime money , or no money now what ? You have no income! No business! No nothing !

The harsh truth about this is that you rarely find someone that buys from you on a constant basis , but what if that person brought you

a constant flow of people that would buy the same as they did ! That would be real exciting right ! Sure it would , with these types of

people you will never run out money , and if they are business partners then your down line will continue to grow . Well folk’s hate

to burst your bubble everyone does not have that one person who has as a “like everyone else ” indentity or mentality .

When you want to run successful business you have to be able to sort out the types of people that you do business with . We are so sunk on

signing people up , we loose focus on the time that it takes to build a successful business. It takes anywhere form 6-12 months to build a

business. We base our success on our company and our upline , the real reality is there is only one you . You can’t base your success

on the success of others if you continue to do that you will be unsuccessful .

What I have learned is that you are the person that makes you who you are . You have to identify the ones that you want to work with ,

instead of you chasing down people that has no desire of building a successful business. When you chase down those types of people

9 times out of 10 they do not qualify for your time . That’s the fasted way to attracting a dead leg , someone that does not take what

you represent seriously . They see the desperation in you , they do not take you seriously .In there mind they are doing you a favor ,

they don’t care about what you have to say or do because you chased them . These types of individuals can be family or friends , or

someone that you have brought on to make make a quick dollar .

I have been where you have been , done what you have , and that does not work . As I have become a student in network marketing I have

learned , that if you have to identify the people that you work with . You have to see if they fit in with what your trying to accomplish .

Some of us do not do this and wonder why your at a standstill, imagine if you sign on 100 of the same people that were not qualified .

Now you have 100 people that do not take you and your time seriously , your going to find yourself spending a lot of time with all

100 people . Then you get stressed and overwhelmed and you will end up quitting before anything starts .

Now what I am going to show you something that I use to identify people by a,b,c format .

A. These types of people will pay for your product or services with no problem . They are easy to work with and they are

willing to give you referrals and find you some potential business partners . They total to about 15 percent of your client

base . They make up about 50% of your revenue

B. They do not like to pay the big bucks for your product or service.They will waist your time , they complain ,

they make crazy request , and they stress you out.You do not want to spend too much time on theses types.

They only make up 35% percent of your revenue and 30% of your client base . You want to kick these

types to the curb , in 6-9 months .

C. Are the most difficult ones to handle , they are cheap, choosy , and stressful. You will spend 50% of your

time making them happy .Even though they are 50% of your client base , they only make up 20% of your

revenue and take up 60 % of your time . You want to kick the to the curb in 3 months .

Now your A and B clients are your best choices when your starting out . With continued building of your

brand you will able to attracted more A clients with less time spent and more time to build your business.

Feel Like Giving Up?

If you know me, I am a huge student of personal development and I truly believe that network marketing and personal development should go hand-in-hand for massive success. Today, I want to point out one of the reason why.
You’ve probably heard from many people that in this industry, 97% of network marketers fail and quit. The sad part is, majority of those failures happened in the first 3 months.
You see, the problem is not whether network marketing is working or not, but whether we can persevere and keep on learning until we succeed. Seriously, 3 months is such a short time for a business to start generating positive cash flow. Yet, many people just give up and quit when they don’t see any commission right away.
It can’t be helped as many networkers don’t feel like it is a must to succeed. They won’t live in poverty without it. Just a life in mediocrity and it’s good enough for them.
On the other hand, successful network marketers keep their business on top priority and won’t quit until they succeed. It is an absolute must to succeed.
But no matter how motivated you are, there will be times when you feel like quitting. If you ever experienced or may be feel it right now, then watch this amazing guy named Nick Vujicic.
I first heard about this guy about 2 years ago and yesterday I found this video on Youtube, so I’d like to share his incredible story with you.

Magnetic Sponsoring Review3

A lot of people in the network marketing industry are wondering what Magnetic Sponsoring is all about.

This is because there is a lot of buzz in the Internet and around network marketing circles talking about a breakthrough way to build their downline and achieve success in their network marketing business.

To some they might think that Magnetic Sponsoring is the Holy Grail of network marketing systems. To others, they probably buy it and leave it on their shelves while it gathers dust.

Basically, Magnetic Sponsoring is a program that educates network marketers about the need to become the hunted instead of the hunter. It is quite common to find a lot of new network marketers out there who are running around approaching every single person they bump into – whether it is a new kid in college or their 70 year old grandmother, these network marketers mercilessly hunt them down trying to push their products or recruit them into their downline.

More than often or not these people wind up becoming a nuisance and their prospects get so afraid of getting recruited or being sold something, results in cold shoulders and people not answering their phone calls.

Most network marketers fail to understand the principle of attraction marketing – therefore they appear like a sleazy salesman rather than an expert.

What Magnetic Sponsoring does is they help network marketers to develop the winning posture as a leader and an expert in their field. They show network marketers the futility of cold calling and hunting down all their relatives. It also teaches network marketers to approach the right target market using the proper tools and training systems available on the Internet to build a Rolodex or database of qualified/targeted leads – people that are suitable to join their downline or sales force.

The Magnetic Sponsoring program begins by allowing visitors to subscribe and receive a series of free educational videos designed to teach network marketers the art of Magnetic Sponsoring and this video tutorials are usually completed within 10 days.

To get a free review of Magnetic Sponsoring Videos, click on the picture below.

Magnetic Sponsoring – How Does It Help Network Marketers?

For starters, network marketing is all about marketing. It is not about cold calling, pestering your friends and relatives (including your 70 year old grandmother to buy skin care) and holding weekly meetings at the hotel.

If you want to succeed at network marketing, you must realize that network marketing is about creating a marketing system that your downlines can duplicate. Magnetic Sponsoring teaches you how to achieve that by doing the following:

Create more targeted (or qualified) leads using Internet marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns such as Google AdWords, blogging and even viral marketing techniques.
Generate extra cash flow for the network marketing rep. This cash flow is very important for every network marketing rep because there are fixed costs in running a network marketing business.
Position yourself as an expert in the network marketing field using attraction marketing (or some say – the Law of Attraction)
The biggest mistake one can make in network marketing is to try and be a bulldog recruiter, make 100 cold calls to dead beat leads (after spending a lot of money on them) and expecting your entire network to replicate the same flawed method.

Remember, a lack of a proper marketing system should not be compensated by motivation or inspiration. According to Magnetic Sponsoring, you need to invest in a good marketing system or else you will never see great success in your network marketing efforts.


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MLM Marketing

Getting Started in MLM Marketing requires time and effort on your part. You must build a team in order to make in this form of business. I have derived some simple steps in order for you to do just that. Get people started in this Business and keep them there.

First, start with your friends, family and co-workers. Let them know what you’re doing and how much fun and money your making doing it. They will want you to show them how they to can have the fun your having. After, you get them to join then lets look online for other members of our team.

First start a blog. A blog is a great way to get people interested in your business venture. It will show them that you can make money and they can to. Show pictures of checks just to show proof that its possible. Give links for references and show your prospects that its quite easy and it doesn’t take a lot of money on their part.

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Making Money with Affiliate Programs

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There are now numerous websites which are offering their services for people to become freelancer. However, there are only a few numbers of original websites that really help you to get the best of your skills. If you work hard then you should get the mass return in monetary terms. However, you need to be very careful, since there are many websites which are only trying to get a few amounts of money from you and then vanish. Many times you might come across the banners like do data entry and earn up to $1000 a day, and then when you click the link, they tell you to submit a fee of $45 in order to become a member. There is where you need to remember a golden point if you really want to succeed. You need to remember that a good site will not need to have a $45 membership from you before you start working. This is mainly because a good freelancing website will have a lot of work on daily basis and there will be a need to have more and more freelancers to join. Therefore, a good site will never charge you for joining the website and finding the related work.

However, once you join and start earning, you will have to pay a monthly amount to the website for a payment plan. There are many different plans that are available online, and it is up to you that what you want to choose. However, there will be a certain amount of dollars that will be cut from your savings or payments every time. You need to bid on projects in order to win a grand scale project and that is where the payments come in. in order to have unlimited or a good amount of payments; you will have to pay few dollars every month to the website. This way you will be having lots of bids with you and the website will be showing you the record of your bids as well.

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