we all know about freelancing and by now there will be dozens of you who after going through this website will probably like to step into the world of freelancing. Freelancing is a great field, and it pays well too. You can easily earn $150 to $300 a day. However, for achieving this you should know about certain tricks of the worldwide trade which will ably help you to become a freelancer. You need to remember that there are numerous individuals who are currently working as the freelancers and that makes freelancing a very competitive field. You will face a lot of competition and for this you need to prove yourself as the best of the best if you are looking to go all the way up on this ladder.

The ten golden tips which will graciously help you to become a popular and a successful freelancer are:

%u2022 Search for the Right Site: there are numerous websites which are offering freelancing Services to the people and you need to look for the website that is reliable and which will give you work at the same time. You need to do research on the website that looks good, try to read the testimonials from other persons and also look at the pay rates and the number of job opportunities the website is offering.
%u2022 Judge yourself: There are numerous freelancers out there, and they are working successfully. You need to work on your own skills and then match to them. This way you will get to know about what makes you different from them. Try to look for their skills and experience in their profiles.
%u2022 Your Profile: When you register on a website, you need to make a relevant detail profile of yourself which will contain all the details about your and your experience. You have to do this very carefully. Try to use the keywords that are mostly used by the service buyers.
%u2022 Charging the rate: You need to be very clear about how much you should charge. When you are starting as a new user you will probably have to charge a lower rate and then gradually go up the ladder.
%u2022 Strategy: When you are chosen for some project or while bidding, you need to tell the service buyer about how you will tackle his project and what will you do to complete it on time.
%u2022 Be professional: When you are dealing with international clients you need to be very careful about your communication. Normally prefer to communicate in a formal way.
%u2022 Reviews: Once you have completed the task, tell your client to leave a review (feedback) for you. This will serve as a great help to get good projects.
%u2022 Joining the right one: There is a new freelance website everyday, and therefore you need to be very active. Join new sites as they will give you more opportunities, and you can become a pioneer there.
%u2022 Informed: You should be very particular about your methods and need to learn new things.
%u2022 Give Time: You need to be patient before you can be one of the best and most popular freelancers.

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