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Welcome to the "Certification Center" brought to you by HRshopper. Here your students and prospects can find valuable educational links to relevant certification training in human resources. You are invited to create you own listing to get the word out about your certification programs and courses. It's easy! You can choose our basic or free listing, or our paid subscription listing. The free listing is a great way to gain an initial presence on the Center until you decide there is a better way to attract leads through our paid subscription. The subscription listing, offers a three month paid trial, or the more economical annual subscription. If you act before October 31, 2005, you will be given an additional month's listing free of charge. Most listings appear within 24 hours of submission. Please note: Only those listings that relate to HR certification training will be accepted. Paid listings provide much more value and visibility to reach your prospects. Raise the profile of your organization by considering the paid subscription! Your prospects are provided:

  • Dedicated Contacts with email address
  • Company logo and links
  • Easy communications
  • Company/Product descriptions and links
  • Full educational summary of your programs

    and much, much more..

Your company logo and name is at the head of your listing, commanding attention and creating instant recognition. Showcase your firm's unique educational qualifications and services by describing them throughout your listing. Use our product listings to promote up to four different products with images, descriptions and links back to your site.

Regardless of which type of listing you choose, you will be able to make changes to your information easily, by just logging in and editing your information 24 hours a day 7 days a week . And remember, we are not just a directory listing web site. Visitors come to our site for HR content, learning and shopping. Our site promotions will help your listings get more exposure.


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Mediation Training Audio Seminars

This audio seminar is the most cost-effective way to quickly gain essential knowledge about the increasingly important necessity of effectively managing employee conflict -- without lengthy time away from work, and without travel.

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