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HRshopper and Customervision have teamed up to provide collaboration and knowledge sharing solutions for your organization...all at professionally discounted prices for our shoppers. learn more..

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CustomerVision brings together the best features of traditional content management solutions with emerging collaboration technologies such as weblogs, wikis and RSS.

CustomerVision's revolutionary approach to collaboration has created the first industry solution that brings together the administration and control of a content management solution with the ease-of-use of wikis and weblogs.

CustomerVision helps corporations improve the success of their communication and knowledge sharing initiatives by focusing on the applications that have proven to be the highest value applications of knowledge sharing technology. These include Sales Effectiveness, Application Support, Rapid eLearning and Educational Marketing. All of these areas have proven to have a high success rate and a large return on investment. CustomerVision brings its knowledge and experience in helping corporations focus on the quickest, highest value, implementations which considerably reduces the risk and uncertainty of a new knowledge sharing initiative and helps guarantee significant, measurable corporate results.
Read about Hearst enterprises experience with Customervisio:

Communications Data Services (CDS), a unit of Hearst enterprises, has unveiled a new employee wiki for knowledge sharing and collaboration.
“CDS is a leader in the communication industry and a big part of our success is the knowledge and experience of our people,” said Sr. VP Tim Plimmer. “CDS has a vast pool of knowledge and experience to draw from and ensuring that we capture and share that expertise is a key to our continued growth and success. With CustomerVision we are able to create a workplace community where people can get answers, share knowledge and find the expertise they need to serve our customers more effectively. With CustomerVision, our employees learn what they need, when the need it, in a way that helps them get their job done as effectively as possible. The CustomerVision Business Wiki allows us to distribute time sensitive information as well as facilitating peer-to-peer exchanges of information so that everyone can both share with and benefit from our own intellectual capital."

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