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HR SHOPPER and GHG Corporation have teamed up to provide you a great way to move your HR organization into the 21st century. Their expert software and more than 300 engineer and IT personnel are ready to make your transition smooth. GHG has over seven year's of experience with their automated software products. Lockkeed Martin is one of their many satisfied customers. What's more, with the HR Shopper advantage you will save big time! Just make sure you sign up through this site first.
GHG's electronic Employee Management Suite (eEMS) eliminates the paper trial method of accessign critical employee records and provides instantaneous retrieval of resumes, time sheets, leave balances, pay stubs, benefits and employee reviews.
With GHG you can count on three things :
Easy Implementation
Expected Performance
Exceptional Value
"I think your application (ePSS) is excellent. The graphic design is sharp, simple, efficient, and intuitive, and your reports are good looking. Thank you for bringing this to market! "
Walt Lind, Executive Vice President, Information Technology Cimarron Inc.
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