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Try Before You Buy! HRshopper's is pleased to offer free demonstration programs for each of the products in our Showcase. In the Product Showcase you can demo products, and get free trials and previews.  There's no better way to make your purchasing decision than to take a "test drive."   In order to use the "try before you buy" program, we ask that you register.  In addition, you will be sent a brief survey after you have evaluated a product or service asking you about the product and your experience.  Our clients are always looking to improve their products and your feedback is welcome.

  For over 26 years, Anderson-davis, Inc., has provided legally defensible/AB 1825 compliant sexual harassment training to over 3,000 U.S. and Canadian employers using class-room and online and award winning video products. Their services and products are now available at professionally discounted prices for our shoppers.
learn more ..
  Business Training Library's mission is to provide small and mid-sized organizations affordable access to the best and most up-to-date employee training resources available through their Video, CD & DVD Lending Library.
learn more ..
Excellence Through Diversity provides online diversity training delivered for your organization...all at professionally discounted prices for our shoppers..
learn more ..
IntelliCorp is the Leading premier nationwide provider of Innovative Decision-Support Products of background checks and employment screening.
learn more ..
  GHG Corporation is an established disabled veteran owned corporation providing automated time and attendance software over 7 years. GHG has extensive background supporting private industry, city, county, state, and federal governments. learn more ..
  WebSurveyor a provider of online web surveys have joined forces to offer you their dependable survey software.
learn more ..
  CustomerVision technology is very flexible and can be used for a very wide variety of potential applications. HR professionals can lead the way by developing valuable knowledge sharing applications for health and benefits, compensation, web portals and much more.
learn more ..
  CareerSoar offers a full range of affordable, effective outplacement services to meet the needs of your displaced employees.
learn more ..
  Laurdan Associates, Inc., a leader in HR auditing and employment practices liability (EPL) risk management, has developed a suite of HR auditing and EPL risk management products and services that help organizations increase the value of their human capital and reduce their exposure to EPL related losses.  ELLA®, online Employment-Labor Law AuditTM, is the nation's leading HR auditing and employment practices risk assessment tool.  ELLA®   can help your organization identify and assess problems, then help you come up with cost-effective solutions.  Ella is available on line or in a print version.
learn more ..
  Report it provides a uniquely tailored anonymous hotline systems for your business or educational institution.
learn more ..
  eTest provides cost-effective screening tools to help your organization make informed, efficient, and affordable hiring decisions!.
learn more ..
  Resume Hunter provides recruitment solutions for you organization..
learn more ..
  ResumeGrabber is a resume, data entry software that enters resumes & leads from Web, E-mails into ACT!, Goldmine & Outlook effortlessly..
learn more ..
  University of Business & University of Health Care provides Quality E-Learning Corporate Solutions and Superior Business and Healthcare Book and CD Publishing..learn more ..
  VIP Innovation's mission to dramatically improve our clients' performance and productivity levels..learn more ..
  HRTraining Center provides access for Training wherever and whenever you want. All you need is an internet connection!..learn more ..
  Glenn Shepard Seminars provides over 100 seminars and keynote speeches around the country each year!..connection!..learn more ..
  HRQuotes.com provides access to their FREE quotes for small and mid-sized businesses!..learn more ..
  TheBenchmarkPartners provides human resource solutions for your organization!..learn more ..
  Bill Sims Company provides access to their employee recognition and rewards products and services...learn more ..
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