A good team might make all the difference

I’m a stay at home dad who has been looking for an honest way of earning an income from the Internet for quite a while now. I’ve had my fingers burnt with Auto Surfing and HYIP’s (High Yield Income Programs), MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) as well as a few other get rich quick schemes. I find myself mesmerised by all of emails bombarding my inbox offering me opportunities to make 100’s or even 1000’s of $’s a week. But I think it’s finally sunk in that “if sounds too good to be true then it probably is”. Although I still read a lot of the money making SPAM that I still receive (I just can’t help myself), I’ve stopped signing up for any of them. I know there are a few good programs out there but many of them require a significant initial investment to get started and that’s something that I just can’t manage at the moment. But I’m still determined to find something that will reward me for my efforts but won’t cost an arm and a leg to get up and running. At the moment the MLM thing looks most promising, a lot of these about all promising mind boggling returns most of which of course are too good to be true. But there are couple that seem like they may well be worth pursuing.

Obviously the key to being successful in MLM is persuading others to join your business and this is where I feel I need most help. There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of ebooks, video courses and other resources apparently offering all the knowledge that’ll you ever need to become a successful Marketer or Affiliate but of course most of them want you to pay for this information. Prices range from a one off payment of a few dollars to monthly 3 figure subscriptions. I’m sure that a lot of them offer great insights and if you have money to burn they might be worth a punt, but I can’t help asking myself a) why on earth would anyone want to give their million dollar secrets to me and b) why, if they are so successful, do they need a few extra dollars from my shallow pockets. I think the truth is that many of these so called gurus make their fortunes by selling ebooks and ecourses telling the more gullible amongst us how to make a fortune. Most of the useful information offered by these gurus is freely available on the internet if you are prepared to do the research. I’ve come across a few useful free resources that have helped my understanding of Internet Marketing and have also helped me to begin to get an idea of what it is going to take to build a successful online business.

The thing that is getting me most excited at the moment is the idea of finding a team who are prepared to work with other members to help build up their businesses. I’ve tried a couple of these in the past but with limited success. However I have recently come across a program called Dream Team Formula (DTF). There is quite a buzz around DTF at many of the money making forums and Internet Marketing blogs. They are offering a great way for members to help each other build up a worthwhile business using a formula that aims to balance team support AND profit sustainability. DTF is in it’s early stages but there is a real determination to help it’s members succeed through real team work. I’ve just joined DFT and I’m hoping it will be just what I need to start building my first successful online business. It’s defiantly not a get rich scheme and it’s going to take dedication and hard work from me to truly benefit from this program but I’m certainly going to give it a good go. If you are looking for help and support from a dedicated team to help build your own business take a look at DTF through one of the links below.

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