A Ground Floor Business Opportunity??

OK I’m sure you have heard of every company being ground floor . You heard of all the success stories , and seen all the great things that

a company has . Now are the reasons why people join these companies ? They see an add on t.v , news paper , or word of mouth , probably

seen or know someone that has made a chunk of change in this company . We all want a better life we want to live as though we have no

worries . We see that people have made all of this money in this company and now we have our hands out to grab those fat checks just like

the other people you saw .

When you are joining these companies just because you seen how much someone else made and you want in . They told you they made

60,000 last month and now you want to join. if you get into these companies not knowing what lies ahead of you then you need to take

the time and re-evaluate before joining . Everyone wants to be a top earner in a company , a lot of us do not understand that it does take

time . Lets say that your friend joined this company and they are making some real money .You seen the paychecks and now you just

say I want in ! Now do you know that this particular product or company is right for you ? How do you know that this is for you ?

Let’s say that you get in this business and you find out that you really bit off more than you could chew , you did not see the same

results as your friend so you got mad and quit ! Lets talk about timing , that’s important when your considering joining an mlm

if that business started 5 years ago and your just getting in , everybody is trying to get that brand new BMW . Now you say well

how did they get to the top so quick ? I want that new BMW , I want those six figures a month ! I want to be featured in the company’s

magazine ! I want that red carpet treatment ! You see all the top earners living it up , with their company cars , big checks , and

some have snobby attitudes. You notice that people only want to socialize with you when you are a “Top , Dawg “! If you are

low on the totam pole and nobody knows your name than who cares !

Now they tell you all the sad rag to riches stories with hopes of persuading you to join and how easy it was for them to make money

now you can do the same . You go out and duplicated what they do and you still fail ! Now you can go out and do 20 home parties

a day and there is still that risk of not getting sales and not getting business partners . You hand out fliers , talk to everybody ,

set up adds in cheap papers , cold call , family, friends,and total strangers . You still are not where you want to be and you get upset,

you go to your up line and they tell you to work harder. You do all this stuff for what , to go broke and go back to work ?

Now here is the thing , timing when did your friend get into this company ? Who long has this company been around ? You see

when you join these companies that have been here for 5 years and even 2 years its so hard to on the top . When a company

is fresh with a product that has a high demand , you know that the product is good as gold , if its a new company then you

have a chance to be on top faster . Why ? Its new , there is not to many that know about it and you have a greater advantage .

Everything these days are ground floor business opportunities , but remember nothing is guaranteed . Its up to you how you

want to succeed .

Here are some tips to choose the best home based business’s

1.Find out a little about the company before joining , see how many people are actually in the company prior to joining.

The lower the numbers the greater the chances .

2. Make sure that its a product or service that is in demand ex.if your in the nutrition and wellness industry find out why

your product is different from the rest , there are thousands of nutrition and wellness products out there .

3. Just because a company is not registered with the BBB does not mean that its a scam . The BBB is just a membership that

a company pays for , that means they pay to have information on its site for better consumer research.

4. Make sure that when you join do not join because of the success of others make sure that its something that’s a fit for you

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