A,B,C Who Works With Me !

I know that everyone should know their abc’s , but in business this could be as simple or as hard as you make it to be . Most of us spend

more time on people who are not going to buy from us or join our business , then identifying the ones that we actually want to work

with . We are focused on selling , than we are looking for business partners . We are looking for that right now now money , not focusing

on the benefits of residual income we want our money now , and right now !

What if that right now money turned into , sometime money , or no money now what ? You have no income! No business! No nothing !

The harsh truth about this is that you rarely find someone that buys from you on a constant basis , but what if that person brought you

a constant flow of people that would buy the same as they did ! That would be real exciting right ! Sure it would , with these types of

people you will never run out money , and if they are business partners then your down line will continue to grow . Well folk’s hate

to burst your bubble everyone does not have that one person who has as a “like everyone else ” indentity or mentality .

When you want to run successful business you have to be able to sort out the types of people that you do business with . We are so sunk on

signing people up , we loose focus on the time that it takes to build a successful business. It takes anywhere form 6-12 months to build a

business. We base our success on our company and our upline , the real reality is there is only one you . You can’t base your success

on the success of others if you continue to do that you will be unsuccessful .

What I have learned is that you are the person that makes you who you are . You have to identify the ones that you want to work with ,

instead of you chasing down people that has no desire of building a successful business. When you chase down those types of people

9 times out of 10 they do not qualify for your time . That’s the fasted way to attracting a dead leg , someone that does not take what

you represent seriously . They see the desperation in you , they do not take you seriously .In there mind they are doing you a favor ,

they don’t care about what you have to say or do because you chased them . These types of individuals can be family or friends , or

someone that you have brought on to make make a quick dollar .

I have been where you have been , done what you have , and that does not work . As I have become a student in network marketing I have

learned , that if you have to identify the people that you work with . You have to see if they fit in with what your trying to accomplish .

Some of us do not do this and wonder why your at a standstill, imagine if you sign on 100 of the same people that were not qualified .

Now you have 100 people that do not take you and your time seriously , your going to find yourself spending a lot of time with all

100 people . Then you get stressed and overwhelmed and you will end up quitting before anything starts .

Now what I am going to show you something that I use to identify people by a,b,c format .

A. These types of people will pay for your product or services with no problem . They are easy to work with and they are

willing to give you referrals and find you some potential business partners . They total to about 15 percent of your client

base . They make up about 50% of your revenue

B. They do not like to pay the big bucks for your product or service.They will waist your time , they complain ,

they make crazy request , and they stress you out.You do not want to spend too much time on theses types.

They only make up 35% percent of your revenue and 30% of your client base . You want to kick these

types to the curb , in 6-9 months .

C. Are the most difficult ones to handle , they are cheap, choosy , and stressful. You will spend 50% of your

time making them happy .Even though they are 50% of your client base , they only make up 20% of your

revenue and take up 60 % of your time . You want to kick the to the curb in 3 months .

Now your A and B clients are your best choices when your starting out . With continued building of your

brand you will able to attracted more A clients with less time spent and more time to build your business.

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