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                         Tue, 19 Aug 2014 16:16:42 -0700

Advantages of Business Email Accounts

Email is widely used all over the world for the communication purposes by the business authorities. Mostly people have two email accounts which they are currently running for their use. One id is used for personal purposes for…

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Active Strategy Enterprise — an Aspirin for Organizational Performance?

Some things are good for you in so many ways, you feel like a fool if you don’t use them. Aspirin, for instance, is good for your headache, can save you during a heart attack, may reduce the…

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Leadership Buy-In & Strategy Execution

Before I discuss Lean Six Sigma, I’ll quickly cover the fundamentals of the two contributing approaches, Six Sigma and Lean. Six Sigma is typically defined as a disciplined, statistical approach aimed at increasing profitability by reducing defects. There…

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4 Keys to a Speedy and Sustainable Financial Turnaround

I see a lot of work being done within hospital departments aimed at improving bottom lines. I see teams working on IT projects and process improvement and lots and lots of measurement. The problem is, these efforts are…

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We all have seen the ads and the websites featuring ways to make money. I always wanted to try out one of these money making systems myself but after hearing about the scams and how they start charging…

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What is the importance of Human Resource Management?

Apart from machines and papers, every workplace consists of employees. These employees make or break the brand. They add value to the workplace. They make it the workplace, that it is. And when it comes to numbers, the…

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Truths about detail orientation in people you hire

Any organization needs people to work for it. And for people, there is a need of carrying out a hiring procedure. This is what all of us are aware of. Provided that any company would want to hire…

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What is the general average relocation bonus?

You just got a job and the employer told you to relocate. Or maybe you’ve been working for a while and for a project, you are being asked to relocate to the client location by the company that…

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23 Best motivational quotes from Movies

Entertainment is a purpose of the movies. That is true for sure. But is that all? Well, I have watched movies and totally loved a lot of those for more than just entertainment. The idea, the story, the…

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How to tell someone they didn’t get the Job?

Your company is hiring and you are the one to lead the process. For the first time you’ll realize that hiring can be fun and it can be tiring at the same time. Dealing with all the candidates…

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