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For many coaches, supporting others in building terrific lives is the most fulfilling work they have ever done. For others, creating a coaching culture in a personal or organizational setting has been equally fulfilling. If you are interested in offering personal coaching or business coaching services, you will be pleased with our programs,

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Top Ten Ways to Increase Visibility for your Coaching Business
by Judy Cullins

What everybody wants. Consistent, full-load clients. You can reach this goal by creating the following then ways to get your service more visible.

1. Know your business defining ...

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Functioning in a Dysfunctional Workplace
by John Strelecky

Sometimes the greatest challenges lay not within the actions of competitors, or the needs of customers, they come from within one’s own company. People new to their positions either thro ...

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Coaching Employees in the Workplace
by Stephanie Tuia

After a full week of training, you are still a little nervous about your new job. All of the information you need to digest, the new environment you are adjusting to, and the new faces y ...

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Six Figure Success: How Coaches Can Build the Ideal Business and Prosper
by Kelly O'Neil

Every consultant has had the feeling: the conviction that your own private service practice is your true calling. Your passion quest. Yet, the mundane details of actually running a business ...
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Selecting a Coach
by Annabelle Reitman, Ed.D

The coaching profession offers a wide and diversified range of specializations and services, including coaching for: career, business, executive, and life planning and management. Within an ...
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Excuse Me, Your Life is STILL Waiting!
by Doreen Banaszak

There are 4 steps you can follow that will break you out of the fear and into the possibility of having the life experience you really want. ...
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Why Use a Business Coach for Business Development?
by Justin Woolich

As business owners and managers we find ourselves thrust into our position through what is commonly referred to as “Promotion into Incompetence”. We move up through the ranks or start ou ...
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Audioseminars on
Managing Workplace Conflict

Your entire team can gain essential knowledge
in your conference room in one hour for one low fee

How to register
Next date :
October 26, 2005
12 - 1 pm EDT
Audioseminar title :
Managing Workplace Conflict:
Core competencies for the prevention and early resolution of costly conflict at work
Speaker :
Daniel Dana, PhD
Date not convenient? If the date above is not convenient, you may schedule a private audioseminar conducted by Dr. Dana at a time convenient for your team or organization. See Private Seminar Option for details and special benefits.
Unmanaged employee conflict is probably the largest reducible cost in organizations today — and certainly the least recognized.

Conflict is an often hidden, but high, cost — hidden in salary budgets in the form of wasted time, recruiting budgets in the form of unnecessary turnover, and in the consequences of poor decisions that result from a decision-making process contaminated by needless power contests. By engaging in the seminar pre-work, you will be given tools to measure the financial cost of conflict in your organization, and to compute your return-on-investment (ROI) in this training.

Put the tools of the professional mediator
into the hands of every employee and manager

This audioseminar is the most cost-effective way to quickly gain essential knowledge about the increasingly important necessity of effectively managing employee conflict — without lengthy time away from work, and without travel.

Learn to manage the differences that impair teamwork, erode job motivation, reduce cooperation, and degrade decision quality — and can even lead to sabotage, violence, termination, and lawsuits.

Each participant can quickly learn these proven and powerful communication tools to negotiate productive work relationships, finding solutions to business problems caused by conflict — even when none were thought possible!

Assemble your entire team in your conference room for one hour to gain the essential knowledge to manage, prevent, and resolve workplace conflicts — for one low fee.


This intensive 1-hour audioseminar is condensed from the day-long classroom instructional program that has been used to train over 10,000 individuals on six continents in practical tools for managing workplace conflict.

Click the thumbnail image below to view the complete set of materials from which the audioseminar handout has been extracted.


A 32 page reproducible resource document, including copyright waiver to permit lawful photocopying, is sent as a PDF document attached to email to each registrant. This handout may be photocopied for each additional co-located audioseminar attendee at no cost for personal reference during the seminar and thereafter. Dr. Dana will refer to the handout throughout the seminar.

A PowerPoint presentation, similar in content to the handout, is also available for attendees who have web access during the seminar (desirable but not necessary).

Who is it for?

This audioseminar is designed for managers, team leaders, supervisors, key technical personnel in leadership roles, and human resources staff — in short, for any employee who is responsible for the cooperative work of others. Non-managers also benefit; indeed, team members are encouraged to attend. Participants will learn the core competency of Managerial Mediation — also considered a "life skill" since it can also be used to enhance personal and family relationships.

Topic outline
  • Beyond common sense: The human nature of conflict
  • The hidden effects of workplace conflict
  • Calculating the financial cost: Pure waste, no value added
  • Assessing risk of serious consequences: Torpedo submarines in our midst
  • How conflict degrades decision quality: The cancer in organizational effectiveness
  • The three conflict management systems: Where self-help skills are effective
  • The Essential Process of mediation: Your beacon in the dark
  • Assessing the severity of conflict: When to do it yourself, when to leave it alone, and when to call an expert
  • Overview of Managerial Mediation: Four surprisingly easy steps
  • How to conduct the Preliminary Meeting: Preparing the disputing employees to contribute to a constructive meeting
  • Planning the time-and-place context for Managerial Mediation: The nuts-and-bolts about when-and-where
  • How to perform the three Primary Tasks of the manager-as-mediator
  • Recognizing conciliatory gestures: The power of strategic vulnerability
  • Performing Managerial Mediation: Simple, specific behaviors
  • The three criteria for making agreements that last
  • Follow-up support: Ensuring the deal doesn't unravel
  • The key to successful Managerial Mediation: What most people don't know, and why
  • Why Mediation Works: The magic within the method
  • What to do if it doesn't work: Having a "Plan B" just in case
  • Your personal action plan: Putting Managerial Mediation into action on the job

"Conflict Doctor" Dan Dana is internationally recognized as one of today's most influential innovators and practitioners of consensus-building communication methods for organizations. His contributions to the field of workplace mediation include:

  • Originator of Managerial Mediation and the simple yet remarkably powerful 4-step "Self Mediation" method, the core competencies for managing workplace conflict
  • Designer of the MediationWorks Training System, a cafeteria plan for strategic management of organizational conflict
  • Developer of the Dana Measure of Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict
  • Developer of the Dana Survey of Conflict Management Strategies
  • Author of Managing Differences: How to Build Better Relationships at Work and Home, published worldwide in six languages
  • Author of Conflict Resolution: Mediation Tools for Everyday Worklife, a featured book in the McGraw-Hill Briefcase Books series

Holding the Ph.D. in psychology, Dan served for several years as a professor of organizational behavior at the University of Hartford (Connecticut) Graduate School of Business, and has held faculty appointments at Syracuse University and several other institutions. (A former student once called him "Doctor Conflict," and the moniker stuck!)

As the founder of the Mediation Training Institute International and President of Dana Mediation Institute, Inc., Dr. Dana seeks to expand global awareness and use of non-adversarial methods for managing human differences — in the workplace and beyond. Divisions of MTI have so far been established in Canada, Japan, South Korea, Romania, Africa, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

With a 25-year career as a dedicated specialist in organizational conflict, no one is better qualified to serve as your "conflict doctor" — he literally "wrote the book" on the subject.

Private Seminar Option
Dr. Dana will deliver the same telephonic training on a date and time convenient to you for $495 — includes cost of telephone call to any country. As with the public seminar option, you may coordinate participation of any number of your employees and reproduce the resource handout for each one. A special benefit of the private seminar, in addition to scheduling convenience, is an open two-way telephone line for questions and discussion particular to your organization's needs. And, your organization may receive an assessment of the current financial impact of conflict and the imbedded conflict management strategy using the Dana Conflict Benchmarking Instruments (a $500 value) at no additional cost. To discuss, call 913.432.2888 or toll-free 800.DR.CONFLICT (372-6635).

Select the $495 Private Seminar option when you register. You will receive a call within 48 hours to schedule a time and date of mutual convenience within the next 30 days. MTI places the telephone call to the number you designate.

International? MTI pays the telephone charge for Private Audioseminars anywhere in the world.

Once you complete payment, proceed to the page containing pre-seminar resources, including:

1. Your password to gain access to the Dana Measure of Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict, an on-line calculator yielding immediate results, and other seminar pre-work to leverage your learning.

2. A formula for computing your financial return-on-investment (ROI) in this training.

3. Reproducible handout, which you may photocopy for each Audioseminar participant at your location.

4. Links to other resources to enable you and your organization to gain maximum value from the Audioseminar.

About 48 hours prior to the date of the audioseminar, you will be sent the toll-free call-in number with PIN and instructions.

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9 Strategies For Regaining Your Work Life Balance


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