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Today's busier-than-ever Human Resource pro often needs to turn to outside experts to get things done. Whether you are trying to figure out how to create an incentive plan, or relocate your satellite office, a little help from an expert can make things a lot easier. Knowing how to hire the right person is critical. Before you decide who to hire, here are a couple of things you should consider:
  • Take some time to commit in writing your project goals Set a budget.
  • Make sure you get the right expert, match the expert to your needs.
  • Check the HR forums to see if there is someone that is frequently recommended, and always check references.
  • Make sure the expert is "independent", and not selling you only the products or services they represent.
  • Consider "off the shelf" solutions rather than customized solutions.
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    Hidden Consultants Within Your Organization
    by Harwell Thrasher

    You’ve all heard the old joke about a consultant being someone who uses your watch to tell you the time, and then steals your watch. There’s some truth to the story: consultant recommenda ...

    Click here to view full article»
    A More Effective OE Consultant
    by Mike Beitler

    Dr. Mike Beitler reviews some important comments from a recent LearnShare event. He shares insights into how to be a more effective organizational consultant and addresses some of the pressi ...
    Click here to see full article

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