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Corporate culture is most often described as the "personality" of an organization, or how things get done inside the organization. Culture helps members determine how to think and act in order to conform or to stand out.  Many organizations create a set of core values and beliefs that guide behavior of members.  Oftentimes the core values are incorporated in the organization's mission statement which almost always includes why the organization exists, along with other meaningful and measurable criteria. 
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Choices in Appointing International Managers
by Brenda Townsend Hall

Globalization is requiring companies to make important choices about how to deploy international managers. The costs of making the wrong choice are heavy both economically and in the emot ...

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Language in International Business
by Brenda Townsend Hall

The way that we use language reflects cultural preferences for some types of communicative behaviour while discouraging others. Culture will affect, for example, the extent to which we sp ...

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Building Successful Work Relationships: Playing in the same Sandbox
by Althea DeBrule

Remember playing in your childhood sandbox? If you enjoyed being outside for most of the day, you could play in the sandbox for hours on end—shaping and pouring the sand or mixing it with ...

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Are You a World-Class Employer?
by HRshopper advetorial staff

Best practices in the employment arena are easy to talk about, but hard to implement. If you haven’t already, your organization should commit to disciplined practices in interviewing, traini ...
Click here to see full article

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Corporate Culture Surveys

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A corporate culture survey is a way to take the pulse of an organization's culture. It is especially necessary to measure this when there is a suspicion that the culture is out of sync with management's desired culture, when management has determined that the culture must be changed to ensure the success of the enterprise, when there has been a leadership change at the top level of the organization (or when such a change is being contemplated).

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