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You probably spend a great deal of your time looking for new customers or clients. However, are you sure you are doing enough to hold onto the ones you've got.  Great customer service starts with a good understanding of your customer service objectives and keen insights into what your customers think of you. 
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Customer Satisfaction and the Service Business
by Jennifer Cram

The relationship between customer satisfaction and success of a service business is a direct one. Customer satisfaction measurement, however, is a much more complex matter. Customer satis ...

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Under Promise and Over Perform: The Art of Managing Customer Expectations
by Dr. Gary S. Goodman

I’ll always feel warmly about Conrad’s restaurant, in Glendale, California.

On the morning of the Northridge earthquake, Conrad’s was the only restaurant in town that opened fo ...

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Get Better or Get Out of the Game
by Ron Karr

Customers don't care what your mission statement says. They care about how you treat them. To be successful as a salesperson in today's environment, great customer service must be your first ...
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Tips on Dealing with an upset Customer
by Charles Carter

From time-to-time you will come face-to-face with a customer that isn't happy with your service. What you do next is critical to your customer relationship. ...
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WebSurveyor's affordable online survey tools allow you to conduct an unlimited number of surveys, empowering you with real-time feedback to drive your business.



Module 1: The Customer Service Distinction
Module 2: Knowing and Using Your Tools
Module 3: Managing the Difficult Customer
Module 4: Complaint Management and Problem Solving

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The Simplest Solution to Customer Satisfaction


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