DO Successful People Procrastinate?

How many times have heard ,”stop procrastinating , let get this done !” . I’ve heard that so many times it plays in my ear like a broken record.

The truth is you can never get away from procrastination, it always going to be there no matter how much you run from it , no matter how

much you block it , its always there . We tend to procrastinate on important things , like you know the thing that are going to make us money .

We sit back and wonder why the heck can’t I be more than what I am now . Whats the real secret to becoming a success.Successful people

procrastinate on things that have little or no value to them . Like for instance you might be a season ticket holder for your favorite basketball

team , or might like to golf unless your kobe bryant or arnold palmer thats their profession . Thats how they make a living , how is that

any value to you . If your a ceo and you have some japenese investment firm is thinking about investing 200 million dollars into your

company . You didn’t take the time to look over the documents and other important materials to get you up to speed . You went golfing with

your buddy and you forgot all about the big meeting . Now your cramming it all in , like a high school senior cramming for his end of the year

midterm . He totally procrastinated on things that meant nothing to his success.

If you focus on the first thing first and your second thing last, you will have more time to focus on the first things first . Things such as hobbies

those are your second things last , anything that is going to enhance your career in some way are your first things first. Successful people put

hobbies on hold , they finish things that are more beneficial to them becoming more successful. If you career is a doctor , your only going

to know the basics in school they are not going to walk you to class every morning , they will not hold your hand , but they will show you just

what you need to know. Just because you graduated medical school does not make you a doctor , what makes you a doctor is experience that

you have aquired during your residency .If you have made it though medical school , you probably did not procrastinate on your studies you

got through them . If you have made it as far residency you knew that if you just played video games , or completely lost focus you would have

gotten failing grade and that means no residency for you .In network marketing , you get things done you completely focus on thing s that

are going to help you in long run.If you brought all kinds of books on network marketing , and you using them like a paper weight and they

just collect dust .Now if you take the time and read those books , thats called studying your profession. If you turn off the telvision, no email,

no blackberry , no computer . No face book myspace or social media , you will things done faster if you remain focused .

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