Gerry Crispin, a principal of CareerXroads, a recruiting-technology-consulting firm in Kendall Park, N.J.,says few companies are aware of the new suffix but that many will be eager to add the new way of reaching job seekers.

This is "a big deal for recruiters and a big deal for job seekers."

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Dear HR Colleague

My name is Peter Altuch, president of (, a web site for human resource professionals.

I want to share one of the best kept secrets about how your recruiting efforts can be dramatically improved with almost no effort, and minimal cost. The secret is a new way of advertising and promoting jobs at your company.

.jobs is the first Internet domain designated exclusively for human resource professionals. The format is simply:

.jobs was just approved. Most HR professionals don’t even know about it! Now, regardless of company size, you can show your job candidates your high level of professionalism with a .jobs address.

.jobs provides you with the ability to effectively direct job seekers to the exact online destination of your employment opportunities contained within your own company website. Anyone who has ever been directed to a company home page to only fumble around trying to find the company jobs page will appreciate being told a new message of simply: Apply at Moreover, job seekers will appreciate a standardized format of in place of unfriendly URL's such as that literally come to them in all shapes and sizes without any degree of consistency.

HRshopper has arranged with our business partners at .jobs and Encirca to provide you with a professional discount for the purchase of your .jobs domain. Encirca provides the domain name registration services.

.jobs Frequently Asked Questions

List Price: $149.00 Your Price $114.95
One time setup charges:
List Price: $50.00 Your Price $35.00

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Fortune-1000 Firms Embrace .jobs

Many of the world’s leading companies have already applied for their .jobs domains. Thousands of companies from around the world have obtained one or more .jobs addresses, and they’re directing job seekers to the new domain in their online and print advertising. Take a quick look in the right hand panel to see some of the big names who have already jumped on the .jobs bandwagon. Don’t let them have a competitive advantage, sign up now for your .jobs domain.

Remember, you aren’t limited to just one .jobs address. For example, Google Inc. could register not only, but also,, based on hiring locations as well as, and for types of positions that are available.

“ Use of this domain is growing at a phenomenal rate,”
says Tom Embrescia, Chairman and CEO of Employ Media LLC, the company that operates the .jobs domain. “ We are extremely excited about the response we’ve received from the Fortune 1000, but what’s great about a .jobs domain is that it benefits large and small organizations in the same ways,” he adds.

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.jobs Benefits Any Organization
  • Trustworthy: .jobs is reserved exclusively for HR professionals.
  • Cost Effective: Save on advertising with a single point of reference for job seekers.
  • Easy: Utilize the same infrastructure that supports your .com site.
  • Memorable:
  • Efficient: The direct route for job seekers to reach your jobs page.
Why You Should Have A .jobs Address
  • The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) dubbed it “Best of Practice” for the recruiting industry.
  • Higher search engine rankings. Google, Yahoo and other search engines will give greater weight to .jobs domain names since they have been authenticated compared to .com domains.
  • is your strongest brand for online recruiting. There will never be a faster way for job seekers to find your firm's job openings.
  • A .jobs web address is an inexpensive, easy way to provide a nonstop, unobstructed pathway to your job openings.
  • .Jobs’ stringent validation process gives organizations the integrity of being who they say they are. No cybersquatters will be tolerated!
  • Ultimately your .jobs web address will save you advertising dollars and will become an integral part of your recruiting efforts.

Don’t be left behind…. Order now!

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Two Thumbs Up from
The Wall Street Journal!

Activate Your .jobs Domain Today

A .jobs Alert

The brand new .jobs domain, specifically designed for the human resource marketplace, is quickly gaining traction. Try this test: type in,, or, to name a few. Now try typing in Did it move you instantly to the job openings and important career information for your company?

If not, your company may be losing out on opportunities to connect with talented prospective employees. Don’t let job seekers interested in your company get "lost in space." They want to find out more about great careers at your company – just be sure they have the quickest, most intuitive way to find you at Activate your .jobs address today.

These are just a few of the world's leading corporations that have already secured their .jobs domains:

Wal-Mart - Exxon Mobil
General Motors - Ford Motor
General Electric - PepsiCo
ChevronTexaco - CNN
Citigroup - Amazon
AT&T - Hewlett-Packard
Berkshire Hathaway - IBM
Home Depot - Verizon
Pfizer - Target
Dell - Time Warner
SBC - Dow Chemical
Morgan Stanley - Intel
Microsoft - Disney
Step 1: Select one or more web addresses that represent your company’s legal or commonly known business name.

Step 2: Apply for your selections through HRshopper with EnCirca - .jobs ICANN registrar.

Step 3: Contact EnCirca or your IT department to configure your new .jobs web address. Your new address can point to an existing jobs web page or it can point to new content you develop.
Online applications for .jobs domains.
For questions about .jobs, please email us at : Click here to email