Easy customizable employee handbook for your small business
The HR Automated Employee Handbook For Small Business has just been released. This easy to use CD Software will help you produce your own company handbook in less than one hour for a price that is easy on your pocketbook.
The HR Automated Handbook includes information on the following topics
Equal Employment Opportunity  
Employment Types
Job Description
Pay Day
Personnel Records
Customer Service
Reporting Accidents
Harassment & Discrimination
Hours of Work
Dress Code
Employee Benefits
Drug Free Workplace
Workplace Violence
Attendance and Tardiness
Sexual Harassment  
Here's what you should know
The handbook is published on a CD-Rom Software (Included)  
Installation is very easy  
Using the Program
The HR Automated Handbook is very easy to use and follow.  You will be guided from start to finish!  You will be given access to special web pages that show you every screen along with the easy step-by-step info.
4-Quick Steps to Completing the Handbook
1 Enter company information  
2 Insert company logo  
3 Check off holidays observed  
4 Enter payday information and benefits paid
(Medical, Dental, Vision, Life)

New Employee Page
Once you are finished entering the four (4) steps above this is page that the program will open to when you start it. It will help you create a new record for your employees. The Program will also print an acknowledgment letter in duplicate, one for the employee to keep and the other for the employee to sign and return to you for their personnel file.
Developed by Professionals
System Requirements
The Program was designed using HP, laser printers, it will also print very well on Epson and Canon inkjet printers. We will provide you with an upgrade which will work with your particular printer if your handbooks do not print out to your satisfaction.
Don't procrastinate any longer. Writing an employment handbook or manuals is easy now. Click the "Add-to-cart" button below to order the employee Handbook now.
View Handbook Screenshot
Employee Information  
Employee Holiday List  
Company Logo  
Sample Page  
Welcome Page  
Employee Handbook For Small Businesses Template Price: $59.95
The Employees handbooks produced by this program are intended to be used solely as an employee notification document, not as a legal employment contract. For particular legal situation employers and employees should seek advice from qualified employment counsel.

How To Write An Employee Handbook

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