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HRshopper is your source for employment law information and solutions that can help you manage your compliance issues and employment law requirements. HRshopper readers take their legal obligations seriously and respect the rights of all of their organization's members.
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What "Employment at Will" Really Means to You
by Jonathan Trafimow, Esq., Epstein Becker & Green, P.C.

What 'Employment at Will' Really Means to You Learn more about "employment at will" and what it means for employers, employees and the law. Learn to build peace with employees by using tec ...
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A Comprehensive Sarbanes Oxley Act Summary
by Michael Gatt

Individual and corporate security stand in the center of the Sarbanes Oxley Act summary, as they are the areas that suffered most changes. New criminal and civil penalties were announced ...

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Recruitment, Selection and Hiring Liabilities
by HRshopper Advetorial Staff

Every HR professional must be aware of how their employment practices, policies, procedures and outcomes are subject to federal and state compliance requirements. Understanding workplace pr ...
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Cut through the compliance jungle

Navigating a maze of federal and state regulations can be a ni.phpare... One misstep, and you could be in for lawsuits and penalties that not only hurt financially but also disrupt your organization. With Ceridian HR Compliance Solutions, the answers you need to get up-to-speed are at your fingertips.

Not just simple human resource software, Ceridian HR Compliance Solutions have a wealth of information that will benefit your business:

  • Instant answers to your compliance questions via the Internet
  • The latest updates to federal and state employment, workers' compensation and unemployment insurance laws - including the new FLSA overtime regulations
  • OSHA and ERISA materials
  • Complete federal and state employment guides
  • Hundreds of informational pieces published by SHRM
  • NetForms-more than 2,000 federal, state and management forms
  • Guide to employee handbooks
  • Model workplace policies
  • Sample job descriptions and payroll guidelines

Ceridian Compliance Brochure

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