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What makes a great workplace? Research shows that "Praise and Recognition" are essential building blocks of a quality workplace.  Then why is it that these items consistently receive the lowest ratings from employees?  Progressive organizations realize just how important these two issues are, and they are doing something about it.  Whether it's a service recognition program, or a peer recognition program, positive reinforcement for a job well done is an important part of everyday communications. 

HRshopper.com has partnered with merchants that your employees will recognize.  These merchants understand the importance of recognition.  Their products and services are recognized by the individuals who receive them as sending a message that shouts "You Are Special."  Pick one or more merchants and get started with your own recognition and rewards program..

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FEATURED REWARD PARTNERS (Click on our complete catalogue listing for all gift partners)

Recognition Awards

8" X 10" Hand Painted portraits of your employees at work or play

Looking for convenient, appreciated, reasonably cost-conscious ways to provide rewards and recognition, demonstrate your appreciation and say "Thank you" for contributions that people make at work?

A hand painted portrait by Doug Kalish will make people know that their work made a difference. Here's one unique way that tells the individual that his/her work and contributions did make a difference - and it is appreciated!
Delivered to you as an 8" X 10" portrait pre-matted for an 11" X 14" frame.

A personal portrait presented to the employee or as part of a gallery in your reception areas, conference, rooms or other gathereing places.


Send us a picture or digital file and we will use it as a guide in producing a beautiful hand painted pastel portrait that will be treasured for years.
Most people want to know that their work made a difference. After all, why contribute all of that energy and effort without seeing impact and change? Help with rewards, recognition, awards, and appreciation is here. Great idea for customer recognition too!

1-5 portraits $95.00 each
6-10 portraits $85.00 each
Call for bulk order prices

  Recognition/Shopping Program Categories

our Smartcard Program is customized for you in every way....
  • You pick the 12 Custom Training Topics you want to focus employees on (Safety at work, at home, Quality, Wellness, Drug Abuse, Sales Tips and more!)
  • Every Month you receive custom posters and Smartcards with pictures of YOUR EMPLOYEES demonstrating and explaining that training topic.
  • Available in all languages...the Smartcard can be distributed in employee meetings, mailed, and even emailed for you. See Examples of Emailed Cards
  • Employees answer questions to prove knowledge gain and win prizes
  • Toll Free IVR Quiz, Website, and Email options give employees another chance to win prizes by participating and answering the quiz.
  • YOU DID IT RIGHT!(tm) Card is awarded to employees who demonstrate the behavior changes you are looking for.
  • Scratchoffs Smartcards win employees and managers trips and valuable awards.
  • We do all the work for you and provide behavior tracking! WOW!

    Employees receive custom postcards featuring pictures of your employees demonstrating safety, quality, and other best practice behaviors (e.g. lift with your legs not your back). Each card has a question and a toll free phone number. Employees call the number and answer the question to win trips and prizes. We report participation to you by department, plant, or other groups that you request and award all prizes and trips based on program rules you establish with our help. Additionally, Scratchoff Smartcards can be used to reward on the spot behaviors or "Doing it Right."


    Whether you're considering a recognition for the first time or you need to revamp an exisiting program--we can help take your process to the next level. Since each solution is custom built for you, the easiest way to start is a free 10 minute needs assessment..

    Click here to schedule a free needs assessment    or    Order our Free DVD Now

Marketing  your seminar, teleseminar, webinar, elearning class or corporate sponsorships is easy using our web site and pay-for-performance registration services.  Advertise your seminar or training class on HRshopper.com and fill some of those empty seats today! 
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