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Enter the research center to find the latest research on human resource issues that matter. You'll find most of the articles, case studies and white papers provide actionable insights, and will assist you in making sure your approach is backed up by the latest best practices, survey results and scientific conclusions.

The Human Capital Institute is a networking organization, think-tank and clearinghouse for the newest ideas and most innovative strategies in human capital management.

HCI provides the following membership options and an unprecedented range of useful resources and tools to our members. Use the links below to join our ranks or to learn more about our member benefits

Community Membership - FREE! Join Now
HCI's mission is to discover and share strategies that create innovation, growth and market success through the acquisition, engagement and empowerment of talent. We invite all individuals interested in the new field of talent management to become part of our Human Capital Institute Community.

As an HCI Community Member you will be entitled to:
Unlimited access to HCI communities, with 50 comprehensive learning tracks and library.
Build your network and share ideas with HCI forums and weblogs (set up your own blog in 5 minutes).
Attend 3 HCI Webcasts featuring the latest strategies from the brightest minds in human capital management.
Professional Membership
Join Now
HCI Professional Membership provides a wealth of career-building benefits for search, HR and business leaders. As we move rapidly into a global knowledge economy, non-strategic and administrative functions are increasingly being outsourced and taken offshore. The future belongs to managers and executives with innovative ideas and strategic business knowledge.

HCI Professional Membership will put you at the forefront of innovation in human capital management, and leverage your personal brand as a leader in yor field. We invite you to learn, share and grow your career with our HCI's high-achieving, forward-looking members and thought leaders.

As a Professional Member you will be entitled to all Community Benefits, PLUS unlimited free access to:
HCI Masters' Series Webcasts featuring globally recognized human capital experts
Human Capital Leadership simulcasts and archives


Professional Members also receive:
20% member discount for ALL certificate courses, regional workshops and other educational events

20% member discount for ALL regional and national conference events

HCI Member logo on your website, business card and collaterals

Annual Dues for Professional Membership: $199.00/year
Corporate Membership
Join Now
Forward-looking organizations realize that human capital knowledge and competencies are essential for leaders at all levels throughout the workforce, not just in recruiting and HR. To unlock and empower talent the entire organization must share a talent mindset and a dedication to acquiring, engaging and developing the very best players, all the time.

We have priced our corporate memberships to encourage enterprise-wide learning and implementation. All organizational leaders, from recruiting, through HR, and into the line and executive ranks need to understand how to leverage human capital to achieve growth and competitive advantage. This requires a fundamental understanding of the talent management lifecycle, from workforce planning to retention (and all the stops in between) - and the latest strategies for talent acqusition, development, leadership and metrics.

Corporate Members are entitled to enterprise-wide access of ALL Community and Executive benefits, PLUS these powerful branding, talent management and decision support tools:

Human Capital Metrics
Talent Mindset  
Talent Knowledge
Talent Practices
Talent Results and Valuation
Human Capital Knowledge
Corporate discounts for HCI's Human Capital Management Principles course and exam.
Corporate discounts for HCI's Talent Management Excellence Program
HCI Technology Dashboard
Talent Management Systems
Vendor Management Systems
Performance Management Systems
Learning Management Systems
Automated RFP and distribution for each system   
Employer-of-Choice Branding
Unlimited enterprise license to HCI Employment Brand Excellence Program
HCI Employer-of-Choice audit, recommendations and resolutions
HCI Employer of Choice award and media campaign
send us an email for more info and group discounts