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Performance Management in an enterprise can refer to several distinct topics. With regard to employee performance, Performance Management describes the handling of employee performance evaluations, reviews and general feedback in a structured, well-organized manner.  Every organization should have a well defined and well communicated process for giving feedback to its employees.  Does your process need a tune-up?
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Taking on Six Sigma Programs - Guidelines for In-House and Outsourcing Decisions
by Joong Hyun

Based on a wild guess by a close associate of mine, there are well over 2,000 restaurants in the Manhattan area and its surrounding boroughs. Although I cannot validate the absolute accur ...

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Dealing with Marginal Performers: The Therapeutic Approach
by Andrew Schwartz

--PREPARATION: The purpose of the therapeutic approach is to spark an employee toward improved performance through counseling. The manager’s goal is to help the employee recognize the exi ...

Click here to view full article»
Performance Management Made Easy
by Philip Lye

Performance Management is a process that both employer and employee often fear!

Why is this so!

There is much misinformation about the performance management process a ...

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The Do's and Don'ts of Giving Feedback
by Inez Ng

Being able to give effective feedback is not just a good skill to possess in business, it is a great life skill to have. Because when you are masterful at giving feedback, not only can you ...
Click here to view full article»
Improving Employee Performance
by Cindy Rockwell

Most employees still have a desire to learn and improve upon their skills. It has been my experience with clients and employees over the years that management tends to believe that employee ...
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Employee Performance Training Videos

"Employees do what you INSPECT, not what you EXPECT. But How do you evaluate performance formally; the way the HR department is asking? How do you handle formal performance reviews that have areas that "Need Improvement" or are "Unacceptable?" These training videos on Performance Evaluations will help your management staff prepare for a formal employee performance appraisal.

dreadedappraisal Dreaded Appraisal $870.00
Turn negative attitudes into positives Giving a review - or receiving one - is a challenging experience, even when the news is good. Prevent performance appraisals from turning into disasters with The Dreaded Appraisal.


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