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Welcome to HRshopper Posters
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Labor Laws Made Easy...
Efficient! No longer do you need to search for all the required labor law postings yourself. We offer simple solutions to the complex issues of mandatory postings required under state and federal law. Our labor law posters ensure that you are in full compliance.  
Reliable! If you currently use the do-it-yourself system, plan on hours of searching, feeling frustrated, and having to contend with people not returning your calls. We access the Data Retrieval Center at American Labor Law Company which maintains a staff of labor law specialists who are current on law changes for all states and the federal government, at all times.  
      Labor Law Posters  
      Two product lines to choose from:  
    Our Labor Law All-in One poster meets federal, state, and OSHA posting requirements, all-in-one poster! Measures 28"x39". Available in English for all 50 states and DC, and in Spanish for AZ, CA, FL, GA, TN, TX, NC, NM, UT, WA, and IL.

Use our State-Only Labor Law poster along with our Federal Labor Law posters. The Federal Labor Law and most State-Only posters measure 19"x27". Available in English for states and in English and Spanish for AZ, CA, FL, GA, TN, TX, NC, NM, UT, WA, and IL.
Specialty Posters
    Terrorism Preparation
    Wage Orders
    Workplace Policy Awareness
  The role of human resource manager has become an increasingly complex one. In addition to needing good "people" skills, HR now requires a more strategic and legal approach. Poster compliance can be a confusing set of regulations that offen overlap and involve state and federal laws.  

"The Law Advisor Connection" can provide you with fast, free answers to your HR legal questions including questions about poster compliance. Epstein Becker & Green, the prominent nationwide employment firm will respond to your questions.