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HRshopper.com and our partner Salary.com, the technology leader in compensation management have teamed up to provide you with better pay answers. The Job Valuation Report and the Salary Wizard Pro are two great products that can help busy Human Resource professionals get customized, fast, and accurate pay information for individuals or small groups. Money back guarantee.
Small Business Solutions-Try Small Business Salary Wizard Pro
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Job Valuation Report    Start Now>
The right answers can shape a pay policy that is fair to everyone and right for each employee. The new Job Valuation Report goes beyond just pay and gives employers and executives a complete picture of benefits, bonuses, and raises. Answers come from Salary.com, the technology leader in compensation management.
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Personal Salary Report    Start Now>
Personalized data and advice for a win-win salary negotiation.
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Salary.com Articles
Negotiation Clinic:
Everything is negotiable when it comes to compensation.  Employees have access to more information about what employers are paying and you had better be able to defend any discrepancies in salary for similar jobs.  Learn more about the right and wrong approaches when dealing with your employees. Link to articles...
Focus on total compensation.  There's more to compensation than just base salary.  Browse helpful reminders for your employees to better understand the concept of "total compensation." Link to articles...
Learn how to compete for the best employees using "education and training" as a tool.  Employees now consider training opportunities as one of the single most important criteria in deciding about job offers.  Learn how employees are now coming prepared to ask for specific education and training commitments from employers.  Be prepared! Link to articles...
Money magazine and Salary.com recently listed the 50 best jobs in America.  See where HR ranks?  You may be surprised. Link to articles...
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