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Human Capital investment (training and development) is most frequently linking to corporate profitability. Firms that spend between 3.5 percent and 4 percent of their budgets on training and development show up in the top ten percent of their peer group. Companies such as Sprint, Xerox, General Electric and General Motors have opted to establish Corporate Universities, reflecting the importance they place on employee training. The value for smaller companies is arguably even greater. And there is no better time to start employee training than New Employee Orientation.

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Ideas for Everyday Training
by Josh Greenberg, President AlphaMeasure, Inc.

This article relates to the Training competency, commonly evaluated in employee satisfaction surveys. It tells the story of a group of team leaders who worked together to find ways to use ...

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The Leadership Imperative
by Brent Filson

When we perceive the simple center in the seemingly complex, we can change our world in powerful new ways. Albert Einstein perceived the simple E=MC2 in the complexities of physical r ...
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Training-Why does my boss feel I need this?
by Cindy Rockwell

Yes, I've asked myself this question many times in my life. Why do I need training and especially on the subject matter you are suggesting, or dictating since it is the new corporate poli ...
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5 Things You Need To Know Before Deciding On Certification Training
by ExamGuru.net

VISIT HRSHOPPER’S CERTIFICATION CENTER TO BROWSE THE HR PROGRAMS FOR YOU.. Trainings vary a lot when it comes to quality. It's essential to choose your certification training provider b ...
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Featured Products   


You can add any number of optional fields to your source data. OrgPlus Enterprise supports numeric, text, picture, or date data types. You can also control how fields are formatted using OrgPlus templates. Fields from the source data can be included in directories and profiles.

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  • Contact Us - Give us a call or send us an email and an OrgPlus specialist can answer your questions and guide you through the evaluation process.
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The Grand Prize Orange

A study in conflict and strategies for resolution

The definitive book on conflict resolution in the workplace!  Discusses new resolution strategies and introduces a Peer Mediation approach outlining techniques that really solve problems!

Kalish cleverly introduces the reader to a family argument between two elderly sisters that escalates into costly litigation in which neither comes out a winner.  Using the resolution techniques cited in the book the author shows the readers how the problem could have been resolved and more importantly how the reader could have assisted the sisters by becoming a peer mediator in the process.  A quick read for a long term solution.


The Leadership Challenge
A self scoring simulation testing supervisory leadership skills…

Positive Discipline
Step by step methodology  for dealing with employee disciplinary meetings…

Improving Poor Work Habits
Teaches proven methods for dealing with poor work habits  in the early stages

The Safety Guardian Program
Learn to identify the 5 types of unsafe acts and how to stop them...

Motivating Positive Performance
Learn to make people feel good about themselves and the work they do...


The national Employee Survey
Interactive Survey that defines employee feelings about their work environment…

National Union Organizing Test
Learn to avoid unfair labor practices if the Union show up at the door…

EEO 101
A true and false test that will help understand the law...

ADA 101
Learn to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act...

Two Brain Games
How’s your memory recall and hand to eye coordination? These games will show you...

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Mediation Training Audio Seminars

This audio seminar is the most cost-effective way to quickly gain essential knowledge about the increasingly important necessity of effectively managing employee conflict -- without lengthy time away from work, and without travel.

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