Is Outsourcing Bid Management Beneficial For Your Organisation?

Many organisations have the capabilities for delivering a contract but fall short when it comes to submitting persuasive tender proposals. Tendering is a demanding process that requires time, resources and skills. A well-written tender proposal should clearly answer the questions posed by the buyer as well as highlight your strengths. Whether you’re juggling way too many tasks or lack tender writing skills, your organisation can benefit from outsourcing bid management to an external expert. And here’s how.


How is hiring an external tender writing expert cheaper than doing it yourself? Well, hear us out. As previously mentioned, writing a well-composed tender requires time and skills. If you’re focused on completing various bids, then you may start neglecting core business operations. This can impact your business growth.

Alternatively, some organisations choose to hire an in-house bid management expert. In addition to their salary, you also have to provide employee benefits. And what happens when there are multiple tenders to submit? It would be much more cost-effective to outsource bid management.

Saves Time

Writing tenders isn’t a task that you can manage in a few hours. Drafting an engaging tender proposal requires your complete attention. In fact, writing a tender proposal for a major contract can take up to two weeks. And you probably can’t spare that kind of time. Moreover, if you decide to hire an in-house tender writer, you may have to constantly supervise them, which also takes time. You can save a lot of time by simply outsourcing bid management to an external expert.

Vast Experience

Even if you have the time, writing a tender is not a skill you can master overnight. Tender writing experts have several years of experience in writing tenders for a wide range of sectors including government procurement, infrastructure and utility projects and project management. Outsourcing bid management allows you to make the most of their years of expertise.

Well-Written Tender Proposals

Professional tender writers know what tonality, language, format and so on works well. Considering they have written several tender proposals in the past, they are knowledgeable about drafting a proposal that will meet the buyer’s requirements as well as impress them.

Timely Submissions

Whether you found out about a tender submission too late or forgot about it, you will likely miss the submission deadline. That being said, you can still compete for the bid by working with a third-party expert. Big management experts have the skills and resources to put together convincing bids in a short amount of time. Outsourcing big management ensures high-quality proposals as well as timely submissions.

External Perspective

As you are an expert in your product or service, it may be difficult for you to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. This narrow point of view can lead to a tender proposal that’s filled with technical jargon and difficult to understand. Your organisation can benefit from the external perspective of a third-party expert. They can draft easy-to-understand and clear tender proposals. 

If you’re hesitant to hand over this important task to an outsider, you can ask external experts to assist you with tender writing. 

Access To Team Expertise

When you’re writing tenders in-house, it’s probably prepared by one or a couple of employees. On the other hand, a team of tender writers are likely to work on your proposals when you involve an external agency. Outsourcing gives your organisation access to the expertise of a team of bid management specialists. 

Final Words

Submitting a compelling tender proposal plays a key role in winning new business for your organization. Instead of assigning this crucial task to inexperienced employees, you should let an experienced agency handle your organisation’s bid management.


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