Practical ways to avoid workplace theft by staff!

Practical ways to avoid workplace theft by staff!

Most of the companies complain about more than average loss of income due to theft by staff (shameful and embarrassing, but true!). Considering today’s situation where employees are hired and removed at a very short interval of time, this problem has become more prevalent. But we all know that stopping it is the need of the hour. You just can’t lose a lot of your income and hard-earned money because of some staff or employee who is not being genuine in his or her work. Avoiding them is essential. But do you know how to go about it?

Tips to avoid staff theft at all costs!

As an entrepreneur, your biggest concern is the honesty and reliability of the employees who work for you. Not just your hard-earned money, but even the privacy and policy of your company are under threat if the employees are dishonest. That is why you have to be very strict when you spot such theft in your workplace. In such cases never ever delay the matter and call a private investigator in Melbourne from Oracle Investigation Services. They have trained and experienced detectives who work hard to find the culprit in your organization and handover them to you with accurate proofs. They can be very discreet about the entire procedure too if that is how you want. But to avoid this issue in the first place, read on:

  • Hire only reliable employees— You have to be very specific and extremely wise when you are hiring the staff for your company. You should definitely check their previous records properly so that the employee you hire turns out to be the most reliable one.
  • Educate the employees about the company’s security and privacy policy — Your company should have an updated privacy and security policy wherein a person who is spotted carrying out such a theft would be prosecuted very strictly. And when you have such a policy upgraded, remember to educate your employees about the same regularly. They should know the consequences of such wrong steps in the workplace, and this would definitely warn them to avoid such actions.
  • Install a high-quality security system — The security system installed in your office is the finest solution to monitor such workplace thefts. You can easily view and record the actions of your staff while they are working in the place and even catch someone red-handed or provide proof about who is carrying out the theft in the workplace. And if you install sensor alarms around the sensitive areas in your workplace, then it is all the more effective.
  • Install automated software systems in the place — Most of the time, the theft in a workplace happens when there is cash around or the inventory is handed over to a single person. You can never predict when somebody can be dishonest in their work and carry out a theft. If you are opting for an automated software system to manage your inventory and accounts and everything precious in the workplace, then this problem never occurs.

We would highly recommend you carry out all these steps very accurately in your office. Only then can you prevent such theft and have a secure workplace


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